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Marlon SXS Sled Deck Riser

Available for order  |  Ramps not included


Price: $2,650.00 +HST

For more information, contact representative Jamison Reibeling:  519-291-6467

The Marlon Xplore II Riser takes your great Marlon snowmobile deck and transforms it into a great way to get your SxS out for some fun in the dirt and mud. Take your side by side camping, pull an enclosed trailer or pull your boat the choice is now yours! We have all of the side by side machines currently on the market today covered. As a standard configuration the Riser was designed to carry 2 and 4 door side by sides up to 120” max length. With the addition of the Riser Extension you can go to a maximum length of 165”s. Whether your side by side is 50”s wide or 76”s wide the Marlon Riser has you covered! The riser is standard with a number of features our SxS deck is famous for. Features like the positive park front tire cradles, Marlon’s unique tire tie down system, Marlon’s traction grips, side safety loading bars, winch plate or securement point to use your side by side winch to pull your machine on if need be. The 2018 Marlon snowmobile decks come with a new telescoping snowmobile ramp that has been designed with new extrusions to incorporate the wide superglides for the wider snowmobile stances and the 50” wide side by sides. For the larger machines we have optional 10’ or 12’ single folding ramps the choice is yours. Get your riser and go Xplore!


  • Carries 2 and 4 door machines up to a max of 120”s in length without the Riser extension. With the optional extension up to 165"S long

  • Carries side by sides 50”s wide to 76”s wide

  • Carry your side by side and pull a travel trailer

  • Positive park position- front wheel cradle

  • Unique tire securement / tie down

  • Black Powder Coat Paint

  • Marlon ramp rung traction grips on every ramp rung

  • Bolt down design

  • Winch mount plate with pull point

  • Weight 220 lbs.

  • Optional Single Folding Ramps brushed aluminum finish 10’ 48 lbs., 12’ 57 lbs.

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