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Marlon ATV Riser

Available for order


Price: Please Call

For more information, contact representative Jamison Reibeling:  519-291-6467

The Marlon ATV Riser is a lightweight all aluminum riser that fits in the box of any pickup truck.  The purpose for the riser is to load your ATV in your short box or to make more room in your long box. With the ATV Riser you can also safely secure your loads, save your back window and eliminates damaged tailgates or dented boxes! It has been constructed with removable ramps with swivel foot pads, adjustable legs from 15" (measured from the bottom of the ATV Tire) Up to 25" in 2" increments. The Marlon ATV Riser also comes equipped with all mounting hardware.


  • 48 3/4" Wide

  • 58" Long (with ramps installed)

  • Adjustable legs go from 15" to 25" in 2" increments

  • 47 lbs dry weight

  • Removable ramp option

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